Using AI to score a movie

A new tool for film composers uses artificial intelligence to create and customize unique, royalty-free soundtracks.


I'm Matt Kabus.

And I run the marketing and business development for Amper Music.

Amper is a video creator's first artificial intelligent music composer.

This allows video creators to customize their own unique soundtracks to their videos without needing to know anything about music.

When I hear a video director or somebody say, 'I want something that is epic and driving,' well, as a composer, what do you think about when you hear that?

How would you break that down?

And that process of breaking some -- an emotion down into something that -- and -- and codifying it and teaching a computer not only that but how to then learn, how to be creative and deliver you exactly what you want, that's essentially what the team had to do to have the app work as it does today.

Amper is essentially not to replace composers, by any means.

In fact, musicians find benefit and value in actually using it, whether inspiring new songs or actually, because the way that the program works, you can, you know, download a foundation of a song.

And then they can bring it into their DAW and build upon that.

We believe that artificial intelligence and human beings are extraordinary collaborators.

And with that, we'll further innovation in a way that we've never seen.

We'll be able to create more than we ever have.

This is a very exciting time.