Toy cars that teach kids about science and engineering

RaceYa uses customizable radio controlled cars to teach kids about science and engineering.


I'm Abigail Edgecilffe-Johnson, and I run RaceYa, which is a vehicle for STEM.

We use customizable radio-controlled cars to teach kids about science and engineering.

We're looking at curious kids between about 8 and 12 to 14.

But because we're a racecar, we tend to skew about 6 to 16, and occasionally 45.

It's very important to us that we get girls involved in STEM as well, but we don't consider ourselves to be a very 'girly' toy, because we don't think that there is any place that girls can't be.

So we want to create a toy that says to both boys and girls that they should be playing together.

We were very intentional about the way we branded RaceYa, and it's about making something that's really accessible to all kids, but so they can bring to the car what they want.

So, the car is a platform, and then they kind of create and learn and build on top of it.

And just like you would -- you know, the case for your iPhone is how you express your personality, the way you make your car and decorate your car is how you express your personality.

So we're not trying to put any kind of gendered language on the car.

We're letting kids come to it of their own.

The really important thing to us is that we're building a toy that is fun right out of the box.

So, we're not about the process, we're not about being super complicated.

Right out of the box, the kid can take the toy, play with it, and explore.

And every kid, when we get this in front of them, the first thing they say after they've played with it is, 'Okay, what else can it do?'

And I love being able to say, 'Let me show you.'