Sketching technology for the 21st century

In this Innovators segment, learn about Mental Canvas – a graphical media design system that lies between 2D digital draw-and-paint systems and 3D computer-aided design systems.


Mental Canvas is this new technology which sits, really, between a 2-D drawing and a 3-D CAD model.

It preserves the hand of the artist but allows for these very new interactive 3-D capabilities.

In the digital age, things like text, photography, and music have been totally revolutionized by digital technologies, but drawing is still, even by computer, not so different from when Leonardo was drawing.

So, I was really struck by the problem of architectural design, particularly the design of kind of Gehry-esque-like forms, very complicated curvilinear forms.

And I was struck by the fact that you could model such forms with computer-aided design systems, but you really couldn't ideate and sketch such complicated geometry.

So, I was really struck by the idea of, 'What if you could actually experiment with very complicated forms in the very conceptual stages of design?'

So, our audience is really anyone who sketches as a part of their work flow.

It could be a scientist trying to do an analysis of a molecule.

It could be someone studying the human brain.

It could be an ad director trying to do a storyboard for a campaign, or industrial designer, architectural designer.

Anyone who, you know, really uses sketching on a day-to-day basis to solve problems.