A robotics summer camp

At the mad science summer camp in San Antonio, Texas, kids are spending their summer vacations building robots. Up next, a look at what the next generation of robotics engineers has in store.


At the Mad Science Summer Camp in San Antonio, Texas, kids are spending their summer vacations building robots.

Up next, a look at what the next generation of robotics engineers has in store.

Mad Science is a franchise out of Montreal, Canada.

We are all over the world.

And what we do is we are experts in hands-on science for children.

So we cater to pre-K up to 12 years old.

And we just teach them to get excited about science with a more hands-on approach than other book learning or so forth.

So they get to do more things themselves.

And hopefully that sparks an interest and they carry that throughout their life and become, you know, great scientists in the future.

We're here today in San Antonio Mad Science camp.

It's robot camp.

And the kids come to robot camp.

And they're learning about robotics and gears, electrons, all kinds of things.

But they get to build a robot that they take home at the end of the week.

So this summer, they're building the Kingii Dragon.

And they do everything from the beginning to the end.

They do all the things themselves, all the gears, all the motherboards, wiring, the whole bit.

And when they leave, they have a working Kingii Dragon.

I would say this camp is a very great camp.

And this is the first camp to actually make the robot and make it work.

All the robots work.

The Kingii Dragon is what they're building today.

And the cool thing about the Kingii Dragon is it has two modes.

So they have to fix the wiring to their motherboard just right.

So it has a mode where it will come to you, like, friendly and the little frills on the neck will 'ch-ch-ch-ch'... Or it'll back away from you.

So there are sensors in the front of the -- the face of the Kingii Dragon.

And so it's just going to depend on what mode you have it in, whether it comes towards you or whether it's going to back away.

The thing that I like about it the most, I mean, it's colorful.

It's large.

But when you pick it up, it's almost like, 'Oh, I have a real dragon... Or I have a real -- real dragon -- a real lizard,' because its legs are moving if it's on.

So it's almost, like, 'Ah!'

It's really, really cool for the kids.

And when it moves, you have the eyes.

You have the frill around the neck.

The legs are going to move.

And also the tail kind of wags around.

His name is Mustang.

And I named him Mustang because my friend really wanted a lizard, a real one.

But I didn't really have one.

And he wanted to name him Mustang.

And so I gave it the name because of my friend.

That's a great name.

And did you build Mustang all by yourself?

Well, I had a little help with the mother chip and with the screws.

But everything else, um, I did.

There's the first mode.

The middle mode is to run away or come... I think it's run away.

And the other one is it'll -- and if anything is in front of the sensor, it will follow it.

But if it thinks something... If it's going to hit something, it backs up.

It puts out its frill like this picture, and it, and it backs out and tries to go another way without it running into every -- anything.

Mad Science is very mobile.

For most of our program, we come to you at your home, your school, party location.

For summer camp, we can even bring a camp to you if you have a group of 15, and you're like, 'I want to do robot camp in my house.'

We can bring everything to you.

For the summer camps, we do have locations that families travel to.

But the majority of our programming is us coming to schools, to corporations, to movie theaters, or people's homes, like for a party, for example.

We bring it to you.

And we provide everything that we need.

So it's kind of no muss, no fuss.

Scientist just comes to you and takes care of everything.

I feel great now that I've been here, done that.

And I've also been to the other camp, the spy camp.

And -- and I hope I get to do another camp next year in summer.

So we're at robot camp here today.

But we have, actually, nine different camps that we offer.

And so we run the gamut from everything from inventors and inventions, chemistry, to engineers, machine mania.

We have a spy academy and a secret agent lab.

And then, during the school year, we have what we call workshops and classes.

They go all over the science spectrum.

I mean, everything covered -- earthworms, dry ice capades, slime, electricity.

You name it.

So if you have a science need, we can definitely cater to it.