Plants in the classroom

A plant nursery and non-profit organization is cleaning the air in Volusia County classrooms. The Orange City brothers have donated indoor air purifying plants to schools, along with lessons on plant care, to help improve air quality.



Hello. How y'all doing?

The students of Amy Scott's second-grade class, as well as do a presentation.

I was very excited.

We're always happy to have donations from community members, and the Collins brothers have been amazing to work with.

A big part of what we do -- we talk about soil science.

The plants actually have a process called 'phytoremediation,' where they'll take toxins from the air and build their own tissue out of it.

So anything that could be, say, coming from paint is going to disappear out of the air and, also, is gonna give you oxygen, which is essential, especially for young children.

They think it's so cool to know that the plants in our classroom have been cleaning their air.

I've noticed that my students have gained such a greater sense of responsibility.

They take care of their plants.

They water their plants on their own.

Even their grades have improved a bit, and they love just having the plants in the classroom.

...that we had grown off of a large mother at our house.

It's helping them learn and engage more in the classroom and just be more active students.

Just like your brain grows... the plant will grow if you read to it.

So the main focus is trying to teach them all about nature and how it works, in hopes that we can take care of the planet.

So if we can teach them how to properly take care of soil, we're gonna have soil for generations to come.

And that's really the only way you're gonna learn how to properly take care of a plant.