Nikhil Patel’s app for Alzheimer’s patients

Nikhil Patel is working on an app to assist those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The app will also be useful for family members, loved ones, and caregivers.



So, I'm at the Brain Fitness Club in Winter Park, and I'm talking to Nikhil Patel, who's developed a very cool app, which allows people to sort of assess their cognitive abilities.

Nikhil, tell me a little bit about it.

Well, what I've developed is a 5-minute test that can identify the likelihood that you have some form of cognitive impairment, whether it be Alzheimer's or something like that 10 to 20 years earlier than it's being identified now.

What's the current way that Alzheimer's and those kinds of diseases are currently diagnosed?

So, currently, the only way to diagnose stuff like Alzheimer's is through an MRI, which is both very invasive and expensive.

So, tell me a little bit about the app here.

It showed us four shapes.

Now, after a couple seconds, it asks us where we saw a certain shape.

And what we also have to do is remember where they saw it and tap that quadrant at the screen.

And what do you hope to do with this in the future?

The goal of this is to become something that can be used in a primary-care doctor's office, at your yearly checkup.

Well, Nikhil Patel, thank you so much for showing us your innovation.

Thank you.