A new and immersive viewing experience

Liquid Galaxy is a panoramic display that engages users in an immersive viewing experience.



Hi. I'm Ben Goldstein.

I'm co-founder and president of End Point Corporation, and we're here to present the Liquid Galaxy today.

The system itself is a panoramic system so that it engages your peripheral vision and it's immersive in that fashion.

Basically, you have these large-paneled screens set up in an arch around the viewer.

You have a touchscreen and 3-D joystick, so you can fly around the world and experience the world anywhere you want.

And from there, you can add images, video, KML, and other sorts of overlay to make it a very interactive product and make presentations on it.

So it's a great tool for real estate, for museums and aquariums, for research libraries at universities, and for the hospitality and travel industries.

The way it works is it kind of plays Follow the Leader.

You're navigating on a central display.

The other displays are configured at the appropriate geometric offsets, and so they go and they pull down their appropriate section of the world so that you can see it all together at once.