Making robotics safe and accessible for everyone

Universal Robotics is developing collaborative robotics technology to make automation more accessible.


Universal Robotics is about making automation accessible for anyone.

Oftentimes, automation is seen as the domain of big manufacturers, the Ford Motor companies of the world, the Chryslers.

The original robot design was when our founder was tasked with putting pepperoni slices on pizza.

But I didn't just want to make a pizza placer.

I wanted to make a robot that was easily teachable for any application.

This lets me teach it easily.

So, as you saw earlier, I can tell the robot, 'Hey, I want to move you,' and it will be compliant, because it says, 'Oh, I'm feeling a force.

I'm gonna go with that force.'

In operation, if it sees an unexpected force, it says, 'Something's wrong.

Maybe I've hit something.

Maybe something's in the way.

I should stop.

I should back off and tell the operator, 'Hey, am I all right?'

What am I doing?'' Our founder basically developed the concept of collaborative robotics.

Rather than a robot that is unaware of its own position and its own movements, I have a robot that has feedback systems and a built-in safety system.

On most production floors, you've got a robot, you've got a sensor, you've got a cage, you've got a gate, you've got a lock -- anything to keep people away from the robot -- because they're so big and so heavy they can be dangerous.

Our robots are light enough that you can easily have them near a person, working right with the operator, and be safe for both the robot and the operator.