Inside the lab where NASA is developing ‘smart glasses’

Scientists and computer engineers at NASA take us inside the lab, where they are developing a smart glasses system.


So, 'IDEAS' stands for the Integrated Display and Environmental Awareness System, and it's a project that NASA is working on where we're trying to develop a smart-glasses system that can be used by our ground-operations technicians here on Earth, but also in the future by our astronauts up in space.

So, the technology basically it's a computer, and it's displaying the computer's information on glasses.

The hardware that you see here consists of the heads-up display, which basically is just used to be able to show the information from the CPU up to the user's line of sight.

Followed by that, we have the helmet, or the hard hat, which contains the processing unit, as well as the different camera systems -- infrared and regular camera.

People working in factories, people working on an oil rig, people working in the middle of a national forest -- this type of technology can be helpful for them.

They could get instant feedback directly from the expert engineer out in a remote location.

It's very exciting to work on this project because the technology is on the forefront of what's going on out in industry.

And it's even doubly exciting knowing that it's gonna help NASA achieve its goal of sending humans far beyond our planet.

I look forward to the day when we have humans walking on Mars, and they'll be using our technology.

So, it's really exciting to be able to be a part of this.