Empowering Future Female Pilots

A group of Girls from Logan, Utah who aren’t even old enough to get behind the wheel of a car are learning how to fly a plane at a program at Utah State University. It’s all part of an effort to empower Girls to become our Nation’s next Aviators.


A group of girls in Logan, Utah, who aren't even old enough to get behind the wheel of a car are learning how to fly a plane at a program at Utah State University.

It's all part of an effort to empower girls to become our nation's next aviators.

It's important to get girls involved in some activities because those opportunities haven't always been open to women.

It used to be, you know, women weren't allowed to go to engineering school, and, you know, just kind of building up that camaraderie as well, especially when you get out into the industry and even when you're in classes.

Just having, you know, another woman in a class with you can help a lot and just kind of showing that those options are open to them.

My name is Aleigh Allred.

I am studying political science as my major, and then I have a minor in drone technology, and I'm a senior here at Utah State University.

So we did a 6-week program with the Cache Maker 4-H group here in Logan Valley.

We were looking for volunteers 2 years ago to kind of run the program, and I just kind of wanted to give back to the community, inspire some girls to do aviation as well.

We brought in about 12 girls.

It was all girls, had them do flight principals.

We taught them about how an aircraft flies.

We taught them about weather.

We brought them over into the maintenance lab, and they were able to go over and do some riveting, taught them a little bit of basics about what goes into aviation maintenance, and then we also had them fly around in the Redbird simulator here on campus.

Now, you see four white lights.

Two will turn red in about 10 or 15 seconds, so those are the piano keys right there.

Now, make small corrections as we come down to the runway, small corrections.

As you get closer to the ground, then you'll want to pull back.

Wait until I tell you.

Not yet.


So keep the nose up a little bit more.

There's one red.

Beautiful. Two red.

So pull the nose up a little more.

Don't hit the fence.


Now small corrections, aim for the middle of the runway.

I'm going to let you do this.


Pull back on the nose a little bit.

Just hold that.

Small corrections, keep the wings level.

Pull back a little bit more.

Pull back a little bit more.

Pull back a little bit more.

Oh, I'll tell you what.

Now we're on the asphalt.

Very nice.

A pilot came in, a professional pilot from SkyWest, she came in and gave a talk to the girls about what her job entails, how she got to be where she is today, and then on the last day, we were able to take them out to the Logan Airport and have them fly around in our DA40s, and they got to go up in the aircraft and got to do a little bit of controlling after we got them safely up at a safe altitude.

My name is Camie Yuan, and I'm part of the Cache Makers Club and their program of girls' aviation camp.

First, we learned about all of the controls and how they work, and we also learned about how important the weather is, and for example, if it's super cold, then it's probably going to travel even faster than before, and it'll be slightly harder to land.

We've also learned more about simulation and how we're actually going to fly the plane, and we've learned about all the parts to a plane and even riveting.

So when I was a little child, I always really, really liked planes, and I wanted to fly like a bird throughout the skies, and when I first heard about this around 2 years ago, it was a little too late for me to already sign up, so this year was especially lucky for me to have the ability to sign up for this camp and experience what it's actually like for a pilot to take flight.

The program I was in is super amazing, and I encourage everyone else to come and join in.

What I want girls to take away with the 6-weeks program is just the excitement of flight that I have and the excitement to be pursuing aviation and for them to, you know, leave this program knowing that this is something that they can do, and hopefully they'll come to Utah State to be able to do our flight program with us.