Designing new tools for musicians

Artiphon is a consumer electronics company that designs musical hardware and software for everyday music making.


Artiphon is a consumer-electronics company.

We design musical hardware and software for everyday music making.

The Instrument 1 is one musical instrument that can be played like a bunch of different instruments, all using the familiar, fundamental musical gestures and techniques, the kind that we have had in our culture forever, but in a digital experience that can allow you to transition and adapt between multiple sounds and techniques.

Basically, it's a way to design your own instruments and explore your musical creativity.

You pick it up, you turn it on, you plug it in to your smartphone or your tablet or your computer, and we built apps that go along with it.

You decide what you want it to sound like, how you want it to be tuned, and how you want it to actually react when you touch it -- strum it like a guitar, bow it like you would a violin, or slide between notes like a slide guitar, put it down and play it like a keyboard with your fingertips, or divide it up into drum pads and play individual drum triggers.

When it comes to creative media and creative tools, it's really about what people are in the mood for and what fits into their life well, and I think there's a lot more room for musical expression in the world.

Most people say they want to be making music, and a really small percentage of people actually do it, so the goal is just to bring more people into the world of expressing themselves through sound.