Communicating without service

goTenna is a new device that allows you to communicate by creating a smart, people-powered network, anywhere…even when you don’t have service.


I'm Daniela Perdomo, and I'm co-founder of goTenna.

And I'm J. Perdomo, also co-founder of goTenna.

We started the company four years ago.

And we actually just released our second product, which is called goTenna Mesh.

This device pairs to your phone and allows you to communicate, even when you don't have service.

So it allows you to send texts and GPS locations over many miles.

It creates its own radio signal that then forms into its own network out in the field that we built from the ground up.

I think it's more like a tactical radio, kind of, like, military grade.

But we've made it a lot smaller, easier and, you know, accessible to, kind of, the general consumer population.

Our phones are communications devices.

But if you don't have service because you're out in a remote area, or a disaster hits, or any other reasons for why you don't have cell service or Wi-Fi or so forth, we wanted to create a way to allow people to continue to communicate even, you know, when they didn't have any essential infrastructure.

What's really cool about this product is that, let's say, J. and I are hiking somewhere.

And he's, you know, out of range of me.

If someone else has goTenna Mesh between us, I can send their -- my message through them automatically and privately.

You might attach it to a backpack.

You can put it in a pocket.

I mean, it's really small.

It weights 1.7 ounces.

It's everything from if you're going out hiking, spending time outdoors, crowded events, travel abroad.

And emergency preparedness is another use case as well.

You need some kind of iOS or Android device.

But what's nice about that is that we designed it with an app that looks kind of just like an iMessage or WhatsApp mixed with a Google Maps.

So you don't need to, like, learn how to use it.

We want it to be something very natural so people can continue to communicate the way they normally do, like, over text and GPS and so forth.

You use it the way you normally would use your phone, except it work-- this makes it works when it otherwise can't.

Our first product you can buy at REI and at Amazon and everything.

But our second product we just launched for preorder last week.

And so you can get it on preorder right now for, you know, discount pricing before we start shipping later this month.