A center where teens are exploring technology

In San Antonio, Texas, there’s a special place where teenagers who otherwise might not have access to technology and the internet can explore the digital world.


In San Antonio, Texas, there's a special place where teenagers who otherwise might not have access to technology and the Internet can explore the digital world.

Here's the story.

This is the Best Buy Teen Tech Center in San Antonio, Texas.

And here, we help students explore what their gifts are in a safe space with mentors and resources in a community of other fellow students from throughout San Antonio to help find what their gifts are.

Here, we're connecting youth to the world of technology.

You know, San Antonio is becoming like a cyber Mecca in the United States for technology, and this is a way to connect our youth that are in... that may have never even been able to access the Internet, and being able to connect them with not only other places in the city of San Antonio and Bexar County, but, also, other parts of the state, their colleagues in other states, and in other countries.

And there are students from all different types of schools from every part of San Antonio that come here that never would've had the chance to meet otherwise.

And so it's a very unique place that young people have a chance to meet.

My name is Victor Sandate.

I attend John F. Kennedy High School.

I'm a senior, and I come here to the Best Buy Teen Tech Center to do graphic design.

There's a lot of graphic design, there's a lot of video, there's a lot of photography, there's lot of arts and crafts.

There's lots of hardware and computer work that goes on.

Everything that happens in between all of that, it's them really trying to solve some type of a problem it is that they have or just go and find some sort of exploration that they've been inspired to do.

The Best Buy Teen Tech Center has affected me by guiding me to a career that I'd like.

When I first started, I didn't know I liked photography.

And now I want to be a photographer.

I want to go to college, study photography, and hopefully, one day, own my own studio.

You can go to the best schools, have the best education, you can have the best teachers -- you can learn everything, but no one can teach you how to love what you do.

And the worst thing that you can do whenever you go into higher education is to waste time on things that you aren't passionate about.

And so using a place like the Best Buy Teen Tech Center as a place to find out what your gifts are, that saves you valuable time in life that you can spend being happy and really good at what you do.

And even if it's not your main career choice, you still have far more skills.

That makes you far more marketable.

That makes you able to do much more in higher education and in your career.

The Teen Tech Center is really like a place that someone could call a second home.

Everybody here is like -- they want to be here.

It's not that they're forced to be here, so they have a different attitude towards the place.

So everybody comes in, and we just all get together and do what we do.

We do what we love.

We're very open, and we invite and would really encourage people that are interested in this program or any of our services to come in.

We have lots of opportunity for volunteers to come in, for people to mentor, people to do special projects and that sort of thing.

So Best Buy's been awesome, the creators have been awesome, and the doors are open to others, as well.