SciTech Now host visits Seattle

On June 3, KCTS Television in Seattle had an exciting opportunity to host an evening Tech Talk with Hari Sreenivasan in the high-tech South Lake Union neighborhood.  More than 50 tech-savvy friends and supporters of the station were delighted to have a chance to chat with the SciTech Now host.

hari2Throughout the evening, he shared his thoughts on the future of journalism and public media in a rapidly changing, ever more digital space, discussing SciTech’s collaborative approach to acquiring stories from PBS stations across the country.  In response to questions about the challenges technology presents to the field, Hari says, “We’re not in the business of being first.  We’re in the business of being correct.” Contrasting the work of PBS with commercial media, he warns that “[i]f you start chasing page views, you will never have enough.  You will find yourself compromising journalistic integrity.”

But Hari is also quick to highlight the possibilities that come with these changes.  “As the amount of noise increases, the value of the filter increases.”

The event was a homecoming for Hari, who at the age of seven immigrated to Seattle from Mumbai, India.  His career began as a radio disc jockey at a local high school, and he went on to earn a degree in mass communication with minors in politics and philosophy from the University of Puget Sound, Washington.