SciTech Now Episode 321

In this episode of SciTech Now, a wheelchair that allows dancers with disabilities to move in new directions; the online platform, IssueVoter uses tech to promote civic engagement; a biotech company creates spider silk; and the science behind making beer.

A chair fit for dancing

For dancers with disabilities, traditional wheelchair designs can limit mobility and artistic expression. Science Friday brings us the story of a choreographer who was inspired to create a smart-power wheelchair enabling dancers to move in new direction.

Scientists are working to build a better wheelchair

A startup company at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is on a mission to make manual wheelchairs more efficient and user-friendly through innovative engineering. Intelliwheels is developing an ultra-lightweight, multi-geared wheel that is transforming the way wheelchair.

SciTech Now Episode 246

Part two of Science Friday’s Imaginary Companions series links imagination to creative problem solving; can learning about scientists’ struggles increase student interest in science?; using simple and innovative technologies, disabled scientists work to improve the wheelchair; physicist Robert Davies and the Fry Street Quartet use a multi-sensory approach to educating people about climate change.

A student-designed wheelchair is changing lives

How can technology help people with quardriplegia regain mobility and independence? A team of engineering students at the University of Central Florida are working with a non-profit tech organization to design and create an new wheelchair for people with mobility loss.

SciTech Now Episode 239

In this episode of SciTech Now, a hackathon exploring the intersection of hip hop, technology and education; battery powered pills that deliver medication in the body when and where it’s needed; the fascinating manipulation techniques of the orchid flower; and an innovative new wheelchair for people with mobility loss.