Scitech Now Episode 424

In this episode of SciTech Now, we explore the power of the sneeze; a look at the factors that prompt your decision making; and why elderly patients are more prone to tuberculosis infection

The power of a sneeze

Bacteria and viruses hitch a ride inside droplets of all kinds—sneezes, raindrops, toilet splatter. By reviewing footage of different types of drops, an applied mathematician records and measures where they disperse in order to better understand how diseases spread.

Microbial Ecologist answers the question, “What is the human microbiome?”

Microbial Ecologist Jack Gilbert explains that the human microbiome is the bacteria, the fungi, and the viruses that we find inside our body. There’s around a hundred trillion cells of bacteria and viruses inside our body, and they outnumber our own human cells by about two to three times. They weigh around two to three pounds, which is about the same weight as your brain. So if you think your brain is important, your microbiome is probably equally so.