Scitech Now Episode 422

In this episode of SciTech Now, we learn about the adventures of hurricane hunters; we take a look at soft robotics; we visit a tech kitchen for kids; and go inside a Texas company creating holographic toys.

SciTech Now Episode 229

Researchers studying the zebrafish are making new discoveries in developmental biology; SciStarter founder, Darlene Cavalier, is crowdsourcing science research; the innovators behind RaceYa share their educational toy cars; and a dangerous flesh-eating bacteria is becoming a public health problem in warm coastal waters.

A Lego lover’s paradise

The Lego room in Seattle-based architect Jeffrey Pelletier’s home is a dream come true for Lego lovers across the globe. Pelletier’s love of everything Lego dates back to when he was two years old and has inspired his career as an architect that is now shaping Seattle’s evolving skyline.