The Holy Grail of Online Commerce

Delighting customers is the holy grail of online commerce. But while it’s easier than ever to buy online, the overall customer experience can still be very frustrating. Brian Hecht, our serial entrepreneur, and advisor to many startups and digital media teams joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss.

Tech that promotes civic engagement

Following the 2016 presidential election, many voters are looking for ways to stay engaged in the political discourse and some startups are leveraging data and technology to help. Maria Yuan is the founder of one such endeavor, an online platform called “Issue Voter.” She joins us today to discuss the role of technology in fostering […]

Geekdom, a catalyst for startups and apps

Geekdom is the largest single-location collaborative workspace in the country. Now in its fifth year, this San Antonio, Texas incubator is educating and attracting young talent while serving as a catalyst for new startups and apps.

SciTech Now Episode 224

In this episode, we learn why beluga whales are a reflection of the health of a watershed; author and scientist Ainissa Ramirez discusses how bubbles might help NASA catch comets; we explore the importance of studying the physiological changes that occur in traders during financial bubbles and crises; and a collaborative workspace reveals how it serves […]

Revolutionizing physical therapy

One southern California couple is going to extreme measures to revolutionize the physical therapy industry. With a store bought motion capture device, they devised a way to track the progress of patients one step at a time. Together, this power duo launched a startup with the hope that their low-cost, high-tech system finds its way […]