Launching a Human to Mars

Dave Mosher is a Science Reporter who has written for Scientific American, Popular Mechanics, National Geographic News and Throughout his career he has watched humans and robots launch into space, flown over the North Pole to catch a total solar eclipse, and toured a cutting-edge nuclear reactor. He joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss life […]

SciTech Now Episode 511

In this episode of SciTech Now, discover more human-like Robots; a technology with endless applications; a look into Naked Mole Rats; and empowering future female Pilots.

Building More Human-Like Robots

Silicone Gels are being developed to create skin and muscle for Robots, mimicking the function of Human Skin. Engineers are revolutionizing the appearance and function of Robots.

SciTech Now Episode 504

In this episode of SciTech Now, we explore the Cephalopod Empire, battery technologies that are saving lives, how a microscope has revolutionized our view of cells, and germ zapping robots.

Scitech Now Episode 422

In this episode of SciTech Now, we learn about the adventures of hurricane hunters; we take a look at soft robotics; we visit a tech kitchen for kids; and go inside a Texas company creating holographic toys.

Creating artificial intelligence

Advancements in technology now afford scientists greater opportunities to explore space. In 2006, New Horizons spacecraft was launched on a mission to take images of Pluto. Flyover images from the spacecraft reveal a new perspective on Pluto.

SciTech Now episode 420

In this episode of SciTech Now, we see how humans have an impact on our oceans; how to protect today’s highly computerized cars from hackers; exploring space; and discovering new ways to give robots and drones brains of their own.  

The emerging field of soft robotics

While traditional robots are typically made of hard mechanical parts, a new trend in robotics is emerging to create durable and malleable robots using soft materials that conform to the human body. Kari Love, Soft Goods Engineer at robotics company, Super Releaser joins Hari Sreenivasan to talks soft robotics.

Robots walking in the shoes of humans

Engineers at the Amber lab at Caltech in California are using data to help robots walk more like humans. This research is led by Professor Aaron Ames in the Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering. He joins Hari Sreenivasan via Google Hangout.

SciTech Now Episode 331

In this episode of SciTech Now, one preschool class is reconnecting with the natural world in a nontraditional setting; using data to track illegal wildlife trade; robots walking in the shoes of humans; and author E.O Wilson’s recent book details his plan to help save the planet from extinction.