SciTech Now Episode 529

In this episode of SciTech Now, discovering the craft of video game storytelling, NASA’s dying robot and the impact of 3D printing on medical devices.

Germ Zapping Robots

Hospitals across the nation are challenged with maintaining a bacteria free environment for patients. Now at one hospital in New Jersey, a robot named Jimmy is making sanitization easier.

SciTech Now Episode 233

In this episode of SciTech Now, an experimental drug trial that may provide insight into early onset Alzheimer’s; how robot teachers are creating new ways of learning; how and why we associate words with shapes; and detectives in Washington state are trying to take down poachers, who are illegally selling shellfish on the black market.

Are robots today in competition with surgeons?

In a world where the precision capabilities of robots are beginning to outpace human skill, cutting-edge technology is being transferred to the operating room. We bring you the story of da Vinci, a robotic surgical assistant that’s dexterity rivals that of the human hand.