SciTech Now Episode 313

In this episode of SciTech Now, a new winter sport that is designed to adapt to climate change; a mechanical engineer and a physical therapist teamed up to develop a device that helps stroke victims relearn how to walk; the grandson of Charles Lindbergh is pioneering clean, quiet, sustainable flight; and video games are helping […]

A shoe is helping stroke victims relearn how to walk

Many stroke victims have trouble walking due to an uneven gait and physical therapy often requires expensive and cumbersome equipment. Now, a mechanical engineer with a passion for helping people and a dedicated physical therapist have teamed up to develop a device that’s much easier to use.

Treating dysphasia

Patients diagnosed with dysphasia are often suffer from extreme nerve or muscle damage, and often need to learn how to swallow again. Biofeedback technology is helping scientists realize what is going on in a patient’s body, and offering a roadmap to rehab.

An underwater VR game is rehabilitating patients with MS

At the University of Texas at San Antonio, one scientist is combining aquatic physical therapy with virtual reality to help multiple sclerosis patients through an underwater game. Up next, the story of how a pool game called “shark punch” is making a splash.