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Germ Zapping Robots

Hospitals across the nation are challenged with maintaining a bacteria free environment for patients. Now at one hospital in New Jersey, a robot named Jimmy is making sanitization easier.

The Liberty Science Center

Science lovers in New Jersey are now able to experience the cosmos in a whole new way—on the largest planetarium in the western hemisphere.  Reporter Maddie Orton took a trip to the Liberty Science center to see for herself.

Dinosaurs in New Jersey

The world around us was a very different place when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Many familiar plants and animals didn’t exist and land masses had not yet formed the continents we know today. Now, an attraction in New Jersey is helping visitors picture their backyards with the dinosaurs that used to inhabit them.

Forecasting hurricanes

Despite well-known storms like Superstorm Sandy, the intensity of hurricanes has actually decreased significantly in the past 20 years. A team of researchers at Rutgers University in New Jersey is using underwater robots, satellites and high frequency radar systems to investigate this phenomenon.

SciTech Now Episode 247

In this episode of SciTech Now, wildlife volunteers in Oregon set out into the desert to remove barbed wire and fencing from nature; how complex scientific ideas gain acceptance; the mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell, may not be integral to all cells; and a team of researchers uses the unique properties of the Jersey […]

Menlo Park’s legendary inventor, Thomas Edison

Historic inventor Thomas Edison earned the nickname “The Wizard of Menlo Park,” a nod to the seeming magic of his innovations, and the New Jersey town where he developed them. Reporter Lauren Wanko takes us inside the Thomas Edison Center in Menlo Park for a closer look at the famed creator and his work.

Bald eagles in New Jersey

Reporter Lauren Wanko introduces us to the now flourishing population of bald eagles in New Jersey, and how scientists are helping to save them from extinction.