SciTech Now Episode 217

In this episode, shark skin could be the key to combating the spread of harmful bacteria inside hospitals; an innovative device allows you to virtually connect with your dog; researchers find a connection between a child’s socioeconomic status and the surface area of the brain; and more.

SciTech Now Episode 216

In this episode, the hunt for dark matter ensues 4,850 feet below the ground; Financial Times reporter Gina Chon discusses the depth and implications of cyber security; and thanks to electrodes implanted in her muscles, athlete Jennifer French can compete once again.

Brain tissue crucial in understanding autism

More American children are battling autism than AIDS, diabetes and cancer combined, and scientists are working furiously to get to the bottom of it.  But to really understand autism, scientists need to examine human brain tissue, which is in short supply. Now, a network of research institutions is working to change that.

Mirror therapy tricks the brain

For those who suffer from pain in their limbs or have altogether lost the ability to use them, one unique type of therapy may offer some relief. Through the use of a simple mirror, the brain can be tricked into perceiving a disabled limb as functioning normally and without pain. Some patients even experience relief […]

SciTech Now Episode 210

In this episode of SciTech Now, scientists use algae to trace the origins of sex; the decommissioned space shuttle Atlantis has a new home in Orlando, Florida; the company deCervo explores the neuroscience involved in athletics; and mobile security research that tries to protect us from hackers.

The science behind decision-making in sports

New York based startup deCervo uses neuroimaging to understand the science behind decision-making in sports. The technology is currently being used to evaluate baseball players based on how quickly their brains identify and react to pitches.