Moving Beyond Gravity

Imagine embarking on a journey to space as an Astronaut. Now you can do just that on a 4-D Virtual reality Journey at the Samsung flagship store in New York City. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, Samsung has partnered with NASA, to showcase stem education and the important role […]

SciTech Now Episode 514

 In this episode of SciTech Now, discover how researchers are testing drones that can think for themselves; Is the Internet affecting the creative side of our Brains; a 4D VR experience to the Moon; and a solution to rainwater and its many pollutants.

The future of space exploration

A city-size lava tube has been discovered on the moon. This tube could provide shelter for astronauts that could potentially allow them to live on the moon. Professor in the department of earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences at Purdue University, Jay Melosh, joins Hari Sreenivasan via google hangout to discuss the future of space exploration.

Building settlements on the Moon and Mars

Could mankind live on another planet? Madhu Thengavelu, a professor in the department of astronomical engineering at the University of Southern California and an expert in space architecture and engineering, explains how scientists are working on building settlements on the Moon and Mars.

SciTech Now Episode 209

In this episode of SciTech Now, the largest desalination plant in North America is making Tampa Bay water safer and cleaner; space architecture and engineering expert Madhu Thengavelu discusses building settlements on the Moon and Mars; brain surgery performed while awake helps mitigate symptoms of Parkinson’s disease; and the Financial Times reports on the one-atom […]