A community microgrid

What if you could share energy with your neighbors during a power outage?  One company in Brooklyn, New York is working to create energy microgrids that would radically change the way energy is bought and sold. Scott Kessler, Director of Business Development at LO3 joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss this.

Microgrids, how might they protect national security?

The U.S. electric grid has been called the world’s largest machine, but the number of major power outages across the country has increased significantly since 2000, creating potential risks for national security. The military is addressing this concern by developing smaller, independent electricity systems known as microgrids. Reporter Dan Boyce has the story.

SciTech Now Episode 221

In this episode, a high tech submarine allows for better underwater exploration; an average nose can sense 1,200 flavors; mysterious stains on St. Louis’ Gateway Arch prompt a tricky testing procedure; and the U.S. military is turning to microgrids to keep its power reliable and secure.