Your own, personal microbial cloud

It’s floating around you all the time: a wafting cloud formed by billions of bacteria that fall off your body with every movement you make. At the university of Oregon, researchers have revealed that, not only can they detect and catalogue this personal microbial cloud, but each person’s cloud is unique.

SciTech Now Episode 235

This week on SciTech Now, each and every one of us has a personal microbial cloud wafting around us — but what is it made of?; marine garbage patches are harming our ecosystem; how a popular video game is helping students engage with a variety of topics; and an underwater robotics program that teaches kids […]

It’s a microbe’s world…we’re just living and dying in it

Our last post explored the significance of what is becoming something of a buzzword in today’s science news: the microbiome.  For those of you who missed it, here is the abridged version.  The human microbiome consists of vast communities of bacteria, fungi, and viruses living in and on the body.  Yes, you live to serve […]