Maddie Orton

Brain Surgery Utilizes 3D Imaging

A new technological advancement in brain surgery comes to Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City.  Reporter Maddie Orton takes us into the operating room to see how one surgeon utilizes 3D imaging and augmented reality.  A warning, this story contains graphic images of the surgery process. Funding for this segment was provided by Levin Capital […]

SciTech Now 506

In this episode of SciTech Now, we look at a camouflaging Squid; research magnetic fields in rocks; go inside an operation for brain surgery; and predict weather patterns and disasters.

The Liberty Science Center

Science lovers in New Jersey are now able to experience the cosmos in a whole new way—on the largest planetarium in the western hemisphere.  Reporter Maddie Orton took a trip to the Liberty Science center to see for herself.

Tech Based Art

Reporter Maddie Orton guides us through Rowan University Art Gallery’s Simulate-Permeate exhibition, where artists are using technology to create art.