invasive species

Can eating exotic species help protect our ecosystem?

Invasive exotic species can be more than just unwelcome guests – they can also be a source of food. Eating exotic species like the venomous lion fish might seem a bit extreme, but it also may just be the key to protecting the oceanic ecosystem.

SciTech Now Episode 236

In this episode of SciTech Now, an invasive species of crayfish is putting other species at Crater Lake National Park in jeopardy; learn about the Lowline, an underground park set to open in 2020; a community where creativity and science merge; and LED streetlights are changing the way towns feel after dark.

An invasive species is putting other creatures at risk

As our Earth’s climate changes, consequences are playing out in some surprising ways. At Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, surface water temperature is on the rise to the benefit of an invasive crayfish that is putting the lake’s clarity and native creatures in jeopardy.

Algae threatening Florida waterways

More than 600 manatees migrate to Florida’s Crystal River every winter, but over the last few decades unwanted algae has invaded this idyllic waterway. If left unchecked, the invasive species could threaten this beloved sea creature’s essential safe haven.

Invasive species threaten Florida’s ecosystem

Invasive species come in many forms and make for a complex and difficult problem. Mitigating the damage isn’t easy, but scientists are finding that it is achievable when everyone does their part.

SciTech Now Episode 214

Invasive species threaten Florida’s ecosystem; professor Madhu Thangavelu discusses the future of collaborative robotics; serial entrepreneur Brian Hecht explains how emerging job search engines are altering the employment marketplace; planetary physicist Phil Metzger looks into the future of Mars exploration; and we go behind the scenes at the AMNH.