imaginary friends

Part III: The science behind imaginary friends

Imaginary friends might be dismissed as nostalgic relics of youth, but as we see in this third episode of the Science Friday series “the real guide to imaginary companions,” developmental psychologists use imaginary friends to study how children form relationships and exercise self-control as they grow.

SciTech Now Episode 309

In this episode of SciTech Now, child psychologists discover how and why many children develop imaginary friends; learn why technology companies design products that consumers cannot repair at home; RTI International is building a biofuels reactor, which turns wood waste into gasoline; and Utah’s Hogle Zoo is connecting sick children with injured animals to help […]

Part II: The science behind imaginary friends

For children, the line between reality and fantasy can sometimes become blurred, especially when it comes to imaginary friends. In this second episode of Science Friday’s series “The Real Guide to Imaginary Companions,” developmental psychologist Jacqueline Woolley takes us into the lab to investigate whether a child’s orientation toward fantasy play is tied to real […]

SciTech Now Episode 246

Part two of Science Friday’s Imaginary Companions series links imagination to creative problem solving; can learning about scientists’ struggles increase student interest in science?; using simple and innovative technologies, disabled scientists work to improve the wheelchair; physicist Robert Davies and the Fry Street Quartet use a multi-sensory approach to educating people about climate change.

Understanding the psychology of imaginary friends

Over the last two decades, researchers have gathered diverse and nuanced profiles of children who create imaginary friends. In this first episode of Science Friday’s “The Real Guide to Imaginary Companions,” developmental psychologists Margery Taylor and Tracy Gleason describe how scientists study this playful phenomenon.

SciTech Now Episode 244

In this episode of SciTech Now, tracking America’s electronic waste; the psychology of imaginary friends; video producer Luke Groskin introduces Science Friday’s new series about children and their imaginary companions; and designing an accessible workplace.