human epigenome

SciTech Now Episode 38

In this episode of SciTech Now, we meet wildlife cops on the Columbia River working hard to stop poachers from catching and killing valuable sturgeon; we ask a scientist “Does extinction matter?” We go “Inside the Lab” and visit a group of Central Florida engineers who are building a flight simulator; Hari Sreenivasan sits down with MIT Professor Manolis Kellis to discuss this human epigenome; and we meet an expert at the American Museum of Natural History who explains the mysterious phenomenon dark energy.

Manolis Kellis discusses human epigenome

Some of us may be a little rusty on our high school biology. Fortunately, there are people like our next guest who have devoted their lives to understanding it and to driving the discipline forward. Manolis Kellis, a computational biologist and professor at MIT has contributed to a pioneering effort hailed as “the greatest scientific leap since the mapping of the human genome.”