human augmentation

Creating human ears out of apples

A scientist in Canada has come up with a new way of creating body parts using produce found in your kitchen. Andrew Pelling, Professor and Canada Research Chair at the University of Ottawa, joins Hari Sreenivasan via google hangout to discuss his research.

SciTech Now Episode 304

In this episode of SciTech Now, the first biodesign event in New York City; Caleb Scharf explores the possibility of life on other planets; cyborg rights activist Neil Harbisson talks about the present and future of human augmentation; and a San Antonio youth program brings kids and code together.

The future of cyborgs and human augmentation

Once found only in science fiction, cyborgs are now a reality. A growing community of people using technology to enhance and expand their human capabilities. Neil Harbisson, a cyborg himself, cofounded the Cyborg Foundation in 2010, an international organization to help humans become cyborgs and defend cyborg rights. Reporter Andrea Vasquez speaks to Harbisson via […]