Hacking the deep sea

At the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, a group of high school girls are part of a program called the Brown Scholars, which focuses on the intersection of computer and natural sciences. Each year, these students take part in a hackathon, where they work alongside industry professionals to solve challenges.

Students get a crash course in coding

Hackathons often bring together coders and designers to create innovative solutions to business and social problems. At the Tech Sassy Girlz Hackathon in Orlando, middle and high school girls get a crash course in coding and some exposure to the tech sector.

Women around the world join together online

Women from New York to India are joining together at hackathons in an effort to fight against gender-based violence. Jennifer Vento, managing director of the digital marketing firm Women Online, discusses how these efforts have led to new technologies that protect women both on and offline.