global warming

SciTech Now Episode 409

In this episode of SciTech Now, a look at one ranger helping sea lions; women in space; the massive iceberg that broke free from Antarctica; and teaching children through gaming.

What the warming Arctic means for birds

The Arctic is one of the regions in the world where climate change is significant, yet severely understudied. We follow researchers in northern Alaska who are racing to understand how this changing environment is impacting the breeding and migration of Arctic birds.

SciTech Now Episode 228

We explore the warming Arctic through its bird population, learn how snowflakes form and why they have 6 sides, check out state-of-the-art care for our wounded veterans at the Center for the Intrepid at Fort Sam Houston in Texas, and see how drones are modernizing the farming industry.

What is the climate innovation gap?

Are we investing enough resources in science and climate research? Over the last decade, federal spending on research and development as a percentage of our country’s GDP has been declining. Peter deMenocal, director of Columbia University’s Center for Climate and Life, argues that the shortfall is creating an innovation gap that could impact the security […]

An economic way to fight climate change?

George Washington University Professor Stuart Licht is taking a new approach to combating climate change. Reporter Andrea Vasquez spoke with Licht about his STEP process, a system that pulls greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and converts them into usable products.

Do volcanoes hold the key to combating climate change?

As the world grapples with the consequences of global warming, scientists are thinking up new ways to lower the earth’s temperature and to do so quickly. Climate scientist Ken Caldeira discusses some unusual intervention strategies.

SciTech Now Episode 213

Scientists attempt to answer the question, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a lollipop?”; filmmaker and producer Emily Driscoll discusses the science behind the lollipop mystery; climate scientist Ken Caldeira talks climate intervention strategies; and one school in Tampa is using technology to facilitate classroom learning.

Volcanoes, the key to combating the climate crisis?

To be clear, I am no climate scientist and an environmentalist only in as much as I recycle my trash, donate any worn-out clothing, and walk the 3-mile commute to work.  But while my carbon footprint might be minimal in at least a few inconsequential respects, I am admittedly quite liberal with my AC usage, shameless […]