SciTech Now Episode 314

In this episode of SciTech Now, an attraction in New Jersey is helping visitors picture their backyards with dinosaurs; goTenna is a new device that allows you to communicate without service; geneticists and biotech researchers are breeding cattle without horns; a new tool for film composers; and researchers in Florida are learning why the number […]

Can we alter our genes through conscious choice?

In his latest book, Super Genes, neurologist Rudolph Tanzi takes us on a journey of discovery, shattering the long-believed notion that genes determine our biological fate. The book explores the field of epigenetics, suggesting we can alter our genetic activity through conscious choice.

Wendy Chung discusses what genetics can do for medicine

One of the questions Wendy Chung is frequently asked is what can genetics do in terms of medicine for us today, and is that changing? She argues that we are in a very dynamic period of medical history, where we have extremely powerful tools that we’ve never had before to be able to diagnose individual patients and understand better what’s the cause of their condition.