SciTech Now Episode 37

In this episode of SciTech Now, we take a look at a robotics competition that is jumpstarting a lasting interest in STEM for children of all ages; we sit down with the American Museum of Natural History’s “Coolest Dude Alive,” we meet a researcher examining how people fall in an effort to develop programs that can prevent or minimize serious falls for senior citizens; Microbial Ecologist Jack Gilbert answers the question, “What is the human microbiome?” and we get an up-close look at a new species of frog with a very distinct sound.


Scientists estimate that there are eight-point-seven million species on earth, but experts are only familiar with two or three percent of those creatures. Researchers in New Jersey have added one more animal to the list: a frog with a particular calling card that makes it stand out from the pack. Reporter Lauren Wanko has the story.