What are eSports exactly?

In this web extra, Hari speaks to eSports expert Rod Breslau. What are eSports exactly? And how are they different from your average videogame? Breslau offers Hari a glimpse inside this exploding industry.

SciTech Now Episode 201

In this episode of SciTech Now, scientists determine the viability of plant life in space via an experiment aboard the International Space Station; Rod Breslau on the growing popularity of eSports; John Howell of the Univesity of Rochester on the science behind invisibility; and a New Jersey water treatment plant is reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by turning waste into energy.

Rod Breslau on the growing popularity of eSports

The world of professional and competitive eSports is exploding in popularity. Journalist and commentator Rod Breslau, also known in the eSports world as “Slasher” breaks down this gaming trend.