Episode 1

SciTech Now Episode 1

In this episode of SciTech Now: we investigate the future of the digital age, bridge the gap between engineering and the fine arts, learn how one company is changing the way we shop, and explore the elements that make a tech community thrive.

3D Printing on the Rise

3D printing was first invented in the 1980s. But in the past 10 years, it’s become a popular and affordable technology with broad applications, from the creation of simple toys to complex artificial limbs. Reporter Jenna Flannigan takes an inside look at one groundbreaking 3D lab.

Innovation Takes Flight

Ever wonder how filmmakers get that winning aerial shot of an erupting volcano or of an eagle snatching up its prey? That’s where Hoverfly Technologies steps in. The robotics company in Orlando, Florida is pioneering aerial systems in videography. Here’s a behind the scenes look at sky high movie magic.

What Elements Make a Tech Community Thrive?

Thousands of start-up hubs are popping up across the country from North Carolina’s research triangle to Wyoming’s fast growing tech community. What elements make a tech community thrive? What ideas push a company to the top of the competitive start-up food chain? Jessica Lawrence, Executive Director of New York Tech Meetup, is here with me […]

Ask a Scientist

Dr. Robbert Dijkgraaf of the Institute for Advanced Study answers the question: “How big is the universe?”

Creating a Wi-Fi City

The United States is becoming a Wi-Fi nation. Cities across the country, from Seattle, Washington to Houston, Texas to Miami, Florida are going wireless to boost productivity, attract more business and bridge the digital divide. Reporter Rick Karr guides us through the streets of New York to illustrate what it takes to get cities online.

A Revolution in Shopping

For a lot of people, shopping can be a difficult experience. They might not find exactly what they like or they might not find the size that they want, and sometimes the sales people could just be sales people and not really thinking about how you look in those clothes. There’s a company in Seattle, […]