Croatan Forest

Years of timber harvesting and urbanization has devastated this North Carolina Forest. Now the US forest service is working to restore the Forest Ecosystem by actually setting fire to the land.

SciTech Now Episode 515

In this episode of SciTech Now, finding true darkness; securing 3D printed products; the reclassification of Planets; and restoring the Forest’s ecosystem.

The complicated physics of removing dams

Dams can fundamentally change large swaths of river ecosystems. But age, disuse and advances in technology have made many dams obsolete. Our environmental news partner, Earthfix, takes a look at the complicated physics behind removing these iconic structures.

Discovering what lies beneath

The ocean covers nearly three quarters of the earth’s surface, yet 95 percent of the underwater world is still unexplored. Using small high tech submarines, a Florida organization called Project Baseline offers a rare glimpse of what lies beneath.

Invasive species threaten Florida’s ecosystem

Invasive species come in many forms and make for a complex and difficult problem. Mitigating the damage isn’t easy, but scientists are finding that it is achievable when everyone does their part.

Abalone on the Edge

Even the smallest creatures can have a big impact on their surroundings. Abalone are sea snails that graze on algae and seaweed, keeping the ecosystem in balance. But, prized for their shells and as a seafood delicacy, overfishing and poaching have left them on the edge of extinction. The Earthfix environmental news team brings us this report from Washington state’s Puget Sound.

A Growing Problem

Plants are the foundation of our ecosystem, but with rainfall on the decline in California, this important link has been hit with some new challenges. Up next, we meet a research team working to determine which plants will be best able to endure this evolving arid climate.

Coral Reef Restoration

We take a deep look at coral reefs, often called “the rainforests of the seas,” and learn why these diverse ecosystems are at risk around the world.