The evolution of the chainsaw

In the forests of the Northwestern United States, one technological innovation has greatly impacted the logging industry: the chainsaw. Up next, our environmental reporting partner Earthfix looks at how this mechanical tool evolved to transform the timber industry.

What happens to America’s electronic waste?

The United States is the largest producer of electronic waste, generating nearly 8 billion tons a year. In this story from our environmental public media partner, EarthFix, we follow a team of investigators using GPS technology to track America’s waste trail.

The complicated physics of removing dams

Dams can fundamentally change large swaths of river ecosystems. But age, disuse and advances in technology have made many dams obsolete. Our environmental news partner, Earthfix, takes a look at the complicated physics behind removing these iconic structures.

Poaching of the Puget

Clams and oysters are considered delicacies, but soaring prices have created an incentive for poachers to steal shellfish, sometimes from polluted beaches. Earthfix reports on the story from the state of Washington, where fish and wildlife detectives are trying to take down this international black market.

Keeping kids safe from pesticides

Lead and arsenic used decades ago in pesticides are still lingering in the topsoil of Pacific Northwest apple country. This poses a health risk for children who come in close contact with dirt in the backyards and playgrounds developed from former orchards. Our environmental public media partner, EarthFix, gives us a look at what’s being […]

Eagles in Peril

Long before it was a national symbol, the bald eagle was revered by the first peoples of North America. But even an animal that has earned such respect and inspired such pride isn’t off-limits to criminals. This story comes from the environmental reporting team, Earthfix.

SciTech Now Episode 42

In this episode of SciTech Now, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Laboratory in Oregon is working to solve crimes in the wild with unique investigative processes; Hari Sreenivasan sits down with American Library Association President Sari Feldman on the state of libraries in the digital age; Steve Brown of Intel discusses the complexities of Moore’s Law; and the Financial Times reporter Tanya Powley brings us inside the engineering hub of the supersonic car that is gearing up to break the land speed record.