Drawing dinosaurs

Paleo-artists use fossils and scientific essays to depict animals that lived millions of years ago. Paleo-artist Gabriel Ugueto reveals the aesthetic challenges he encounters when trying to accurately draw extinct animals like dinosaurs.

SciTech Now Episode 431

In this episode of SciTech Now, we explore the challenges of drawing extinct animals like dinosaurs; fabric as wearable technology; how blind fish can help humans with sleep problems; and the digestive power of goats.

Dinosaurs in New Jersey

The world around us was a very different place when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Many familiar plants and animals didn’t exist and land masses had not yet formed the continents we know today. Now, an attraction in New Jersey is helping visitors picture their backyards with the dinosaurs that used to inhabit them.

SciTech Now Episode 314

In this episode of SciTech Now, an attraction in New Jersey is helping visitors picture their backyards with dinosaurs; goTenna is a new device that allows you to communicate without service; geneticists and biotech researchers are breeding cattle without horns; a new tool for film composers; and researchers in Florida are learning why the number […]

What killed the dinosaurs?

Geological findings indicate that 66 million years ago, an asteroid hit the earth in an impact so strong that it lead to the extinction of the dinosaurs. Now, researchers are studying the asteroid’s landing site off the coast of  Mexico, in search of clues about how life recovered after the impact.

SciTech Now Episode 301

In this episode of SciTech Now, Science Friday looks at a desert phenomenon in Death Valley; how technology and new voting apps are impacting our journey to the polls; how studying craters left by meteors and asteroids can help us understand what killed the dinosaurs; and examining the microbiome of the human underarm.

Behind the scenes at the American Museum of Natural History

Whether they’re microscopic or massive, fossils provide snapshots of an ancient world and help scientists piece together clues from the past. Dinosaur Whisperer Dustin Growick explains how fossils are made in our continuing feature, The Dinosaur Show.