David Edwards

David Edwards talks about creating new ways to eat and drink

In this segment, we meet American inventor David Edwards, who is playing with our senses in an effort to change the way we experience everything, from food to telecommunications. When Edwards isn’t tinkering with one of his inventions that allows users to ingest their favorite drinks as vapor, the Harvard professor can be found at his restaurant, Café ArtScience, or what he calls the Apple Store of Nutrition.

Our sense of smell: an untapped dimension of modern communication?

Vapor Communications of Cambridge, Massachusetts has announced the launch of oMedia as part of its latest campaign to revolutionize how humans communicate.  As the company’s name suggests, its products target the olfactory system, employing a variety of scents to enhance user experience.  David Edwards, the Harvard professor and idea man at the helm of Vapor […]

Want to do Thanksgiving by phone this year?

Brace yourself.  Thanksgiving has arrived, and every form of social media is about to be taken over by the foodie in all of us.  Soon enough, a good part of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be flooded with photos of gooey pecan pie, marshmallow-topped yams, and bowls of every dimension spilling over with cranberry sauce and thick, creamy gravy.  Of course, no […]