SciTech Now Episode 509

In this episode of SciTech Now, explore the chemistry of cider; how squiggly lines may replace passwords; a look at how one classroom is using VR googles and flight simulators for learning; and keeping up with the innovations of healthcare.

A day in the life of a chemist

Chemistry surrounds us whether we know it or not. In fact, human beings are actually made of chemistry. But what does that mean? And what do chemists really do? Up next, we go inside the lab with two chemists to find some answers.

SciTech Now Episode 343

In this episode of SciTech Now, a competition called CineSpace invites filmmakers to create original short films using footage from NASA; a look into the cybersecurity issues of 3D printing; a day in the life of a chemist; and saving California Condors.

SciTech Now Episode 307

In this episode of SciTech Now, Kenneth Catania of Vanderbilt University studies the curious behaviors of electric eels; learn how lightbulbs can change our daily lives; Meet Dr. Aziz Sancar, winner of the 2015 Nobel Prize in chemistry; and engineers in Orlando, Florida, are using VR technology to give soldiers real-world training.