An app for cattle ranchers

A Texas tech entrepreneur combined his love of computers with his passion for ranching by creating an app made for auctioning cattle.

Breeding cattle without horns

For generations dairy farmers and cattle breeders have sought ways to breed a hornless cow. Up next, Science Friday looks at how geneticists at the university of California Davis are partnering with biotech researchers to edit genes and breed cattle without horns.

SciTech Now Episode 314

In this episode of SciTech Now, an attraction in New Jersey is helping visitors picture their backyards with dinosaurs; goTenna is a new device that allows you to communicate without service; geneticists and biotech researchers are breeding cattle without horns; a new tool for film composers; and researchers in Florida are learning why the number […]

Getting rid of barbed wire

There are no cattle left on the Pine Creek Conservation Area in Central Oregon. But there’s plenty of barbed wire fence. Now, a group of back country volunteers are determined to remove the dangerous, derelict fencing from the area before it becomes federally protected wilderness.