Car features of the future

Seats in cars today have the ability to move to its drivers desired position. But what happens when you take it to the next level and create a seat with five expressive behaviors. Hamish Tennent researcher at Cornell University joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss the potential interactions between users and the modern car seat.

Technology to warn wrong way drivers

Wrong way driving crashes account for over 300 traffic deaths in the United States each year. The Texas Department Of Transportation has teamed up with other research institutions to find ways to better warn wrong-way drivers. They hope these technological advancements will be in our vehicles in the next few years.

SciTech Now Episode 434

In this episode of SciTech Now, we take a look at how experts are breaking everyday items in an effort to save lives; car features of the future; how an implant could help improve memory; and a new technology warning wrong way drivers.

Protecting today’s highly computerized cars from hackers

Today’s vehicles are highly computerized, putting them at a greater risk of being compromised by hackers. Thankfully, researchers are developing a system to protect your car’s software against cyber attacks. Justin Cappos, Professor at New York University Tandon School of Engineering joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss.

SciTech Now episode 420

In this episode of SciTech Now, we see how humans have an impact on our oceans; how to protect today’s highly computerized cars from hackers; exploring space; and discovering new ways to give robots and drones brains of their own.  

SciTech Now Episode 204

In this episode of SciTech Now, go trackside at a Trans Am road race to learn how racers make their cars aerodynamic; Jon Schull, co-founder of e-Nable, discusses how his organization is making low-cost 3-D printed prosthetics available to children around the world; TripExpert co-founder Emily Hughes explains how the site aims to be a definitive statement of the overall quality based on professional reviews, instead of user reviews; the Financial Times investigates whether mass-market sport-related technologies can help mitigate some of the risks associated with contact sports; as the number of social media users continues to grow, some universities have incorporated the communication tool into their curriculum.

Car Racing

Go trackside at a Trans Am road race to learn how racers make their cars aerodynamic.