The biotech revolution

In recent years the do-it-yourself biotech movement has been gaining momentum, spurring a growing number of community labs across the country. At the forefront of this movement is Ellen Jorgensen, Co-founder and former Director of the Brooklyn-based biotech lab Genspace and Founder of Biotech Without Borders.

SciTechNow Episode 408

In this episode of SciTech Now, a look at how one scientist uses unconventional research techniques to study muskoxen; the growing biotech movement; students try their hand at engineering; and how the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is battling pollution.

A look inside a lab that builds synthetic humans and animals

Doctors and medical professionals have used cadavers for centuries to better understand human anatomy. But, the use of cadavers have limitations, as they are difficult and costly to store and maintain. Now, scientists at a biotech company in Tampa, Florida, have created an alternative.

What is biodesign?

An air purifier made of spider webs, a toilet insert that captures estrogen and a cactus-like water harvester; these are just a few of the projects presented at the first bio-design challenge in New York City. Science Friday has the story.