Bobtails + Bacteria = BFF

Bobtail Squids, a species of Cephalopods closely related to Cuttlefish, have a unique way of protecting themselves against predators at night. With the help of glowing bacteria, the squid camouflages itself against the starlit night sky.

Can ants and mold slime explain collective human behavior?

For Simon Garnier of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, traffic on the New Jersey Turnpike has become an opportunity to ponder human inefficiency. Garnier is studying ants and slime mold in order to better understand collective human behavior.

Biology and robotics come together

Researchers are exploring ways that robots can improve human health.  From bionic limbs, to improved mobility, to surgical devices, the worlds of biology and robotics are coming together. The Financial Times explores how bionics is now being applied in healthcare.