Big data

Simon Davies: Father of Internet Privacy

I met Simon Davies, the so-called “father of internet privacy,” two years ago in Rome, Italy.  I was on assignment for John Cabot University, taking photos and writing an article on the course.  Honestly, I expected another dry academic pitching his most recent publication. Davies opened by nonchalantly informing the audience that 95 percent of […]

Protecting yourself from hackers

For many of us, our smartphones and tablets have already replaced our desktop and laptop computers. And now, they’re becoming a filing cabinet of our personal data, from bank account details to private health records, which makes these pocket-sized computers tempting targets for hackers. How much security can technology provide as we conduct more business […]

What’s big data and why does it matter?

Perhaps it seemed a little curious last month when The Guardian, the first newspaper to break the NSA surveillance story, posted an online video entitled, “Why your data matters to us.”  Of course, when it says “data,” the British paper isn’t referring to readers’ phone records.  Still, the effort to collect their information – however […]