The science of baseball

Baseball has long been known as America’s favorite pastime, but science may provide a different way to view this sport. A closer look reveals that physics is what actually powers baseball. And while 17th-century British Physicist Sir Isaac Newton didn’t play baseball, the Laws of Motion he crafted are in action all all over the […]

SciTech Now Episode 412

In this episode of SciTech Now, a look at NASA’s mission to find life on Mars; understanding cybersecurity; the Gulf’s oil spills effect on fish; and Newton’s Law of Motion on the baseball field.

How is data changing the way we watch baseball?

After years of research and development, MLB Network premiered Statcast. This revolutionary new technology allows scouts and fans alike to track the game and players on a whole new level — and all in real time. MLB Advanced Media’s Chief Technology Officer Joseph Inzerillo joins us now to discuss how Statcast could change the way […]

SciTech Now Episode 211

In this episode, viewers get a glimpse of a new, more efficient wind turbine with an unusual beginning; we learn how data and Statcast is changing the experience of watching a baseball game; mirror therapy employs the illusion of reflection to trick the brain into faster motor recovery; and zero-emission motorcycles are helping police departments.

The science behind decision-making in sports

New York based startup deCervo uses neuroimaging to understand the science behind decision-making in sports. The technology is currently being used to evaluate baseball players based on how quickly their brains identify and react to pitches.