augmented reality

Brain Surgery Utilizes 3D Imaging

A new technological advancement in brain surgery comes to Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City.  Reporter Maddie Orton takes us into the operating room to see how one surgeon utilizes 3D imaging and augmented reality.  A warning, this story contains graphic images of the surgery process. Funding for this segment was provided by Levin Capital […]

NASA uses AR to train astronauts

Augmented reality shows users a view of the real world supplemented with sound, music, graphics, or data. Now the same technology that brings Pokémon GO to life is helping scientists prepare for space exploration. Here to explain is Matthew Clausen, creative director in the operations lab at NASA’s jet propulsion laboratory.

SciTech Now Episode 316

In this episode of SciTech Now, American White Pelicans are disappearing from eastern Oregon–meet the citizen scientists who are tracking their flight patterns; how NASA is using augmented reality to train astronauts and explore the surface of Mars; a group of students engineered an electric hybrid racecar; and a middle school is putting on a […]

Investigating Pokemon Go in Central Park

After its launch, “Pokémon Go” swept the nation in popularity as millions of people broke their everyday routine to go outside in search of these mythical digital creatures. Host, Hari Sreenivasan recently went out into the field with Mark Skwarek, director of New York University’s mobile augmented reality lab, to experience visual reality first-hand.

SciTech Now Episode 311

In this episode of SciTech Now, Hari learns to play Pokemon Go in Central Park with Visual Reality expert Mark Swarek; Ainissa Ramirez reveals some mysteries of magnetism; Sims Municipal Recycling facility in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, processes 800 tons of recyclables; and scientists are researching how the brain stores and recalls information at the first […]

Pokemon Go and the future of augmented reality

After its launch, Pokemon Go swept the nation in popularity. Mark Skwarek, director of New York University’s Mobile Augmented Reality Lab joins Hari Sreenivasan to discuss how the game put the spotlight on augmented reality, technology that superimposes virtual elements on top of thephysical world.

SciTech Now Episode 303

In this episode of SciTech Now, augmented reality’s sudden fame and applications; NASA is creating a smart glasses system that can be used by ground operations technicians on Earth and by astronauts in space; mapping the topography of the brain; and scientists in North Carolina are using the Carolina Chickadee as an example of how […]