SciTech Now Episode 222

In this episode, high schools provide both an associated degree and optimal real-world experience; 3D printers create soft tissue; we take a look at the marvelous life of a historic space shuttle; and we learn why we find some animals cute and others not.

The marvelous life of a historic space shuttle

The space shuttle Atlantis first launched in 1985, logging 33 missions and more than 125 million miles during its years in service. This piece of cosmic history is now on display at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center and tells the tale of NASA’s 30 year space shuttle program.

SciTech Now Episode 210

In this episode of SciTech Now, scientists use algae to trace the origins of sex; the decommissioned space shuttle Atlantis has a new home in Orlando, Florida; the company deCervo explores the neuroscience involved in athletics; and mobile security research that tries to protect us from hackers.

The space shuttle Atlantis relocates

What do you do with a $2-billion spaceship when it can no longer ferry astronauts to and from space? In 2011, the Kennedy Space Center visitor complex in Orlando, Florida, found a new home for the decommissioned space shuttle Atlantis.